Nomination Committee

At the Annual General Meeting May 9, 2023 it was resolved that Nexam Chemical shall have a Nomination Committee that consists of three members representing the three largest shareholders as of the last calendar day in August, 2023, based on shareholding statistics provided by Euroclear Sweden AB.

Should this shareholding statistics include nominee-registered shareholdings, such shareholdings shall only be considered if the nominee has reported the identity of the underlying shareholder to Euroclear Sweden AB or if the company – without taking any measures on its own – receives other information that evidences the identity of the underlying shareholder.

If the shareholder does not exercise the right to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee, the next largest shareholder in size in terms of voting rights, shall have the right to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee. The Chairman of the Nomination Committee shall, unless agreed otherwise by the members, be the member who has been appointed by the largest shareholder in terms of voting rights.


The Nomination Committee shall prepare the below proposals to be submitted to the AGM for decision:

  • proposal for Chairman of the Annual General Meeting,
  • proposal for the number of Board members elected by the Annual General Meeting and the number of auditors,
  • proposal for remuneration to non-employed board members as well as to non-employed members of committees of the board,
  • proposal for remuneration to the auditors,
  • proposal of election of the Chairman of the board and other board members as well as election of the auditors,
  • proposal for principles for the appointment of members of the Nomination Committee and the Nomination Committee´s assignment; and
  • proposal for remuneration to the members of the Nomination Committee.


For additional information see Nomination Committee´s procedures and instructions (Swedish) resolved at the AGM 2023.

Contact details to Nomination Committee´ is;

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