Corporate Governance Reports

Nexam Chemical follow the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”) since January 1, 2017. Nexam Chemical is not subject to the mandatory requirement of listed companies to comply with the Code, but has chosen to meet the high standards of corporate governance.

The Code deals with the decision-making system through which shareholders directly or indirectly govern a company, as well as guidelines for the Company’s reporting. Good corporate governance are built on that all decision-making processes are well defined, have a clear division of responsibility and effective controls. Good corporate governance create value by ensuring effective decision-making, transparency towards the owners and other stakeholders, and that these can follow the Company´s development.

The Code applies the principle “comply or explain”, which means that a company may deviate from individual rules in the Code if an explanation is specified containing the reason behind the deviation. Nexam Chemical do not deviate from the Code.



Corporate Governance Report 2022 (Swedish)

Corporate Governance Report 2021 (Swedish)

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Corporate Governance Report 2019 (Swedish)

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Corporate Governance Report 2017 (Swedish)


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