Tape Extreme - Advanced Unidirectional Tapes

A NATEP project


Our innovation arises by combining dry UD fibre with a new high temperature resin formulation, which is not currently on the market. This will create an intermediate tape composite material that can be laid like a thermoplastic, but which can be subsequently crosslinked like a thermoset and withstand temperatures of more than 350°C.


Why is it wanted:

    • Competition for existing titanium or composite parts

    • Temperature resistance (Tg) up to or beyond 350°C

    • No machining time or waste

    • Very flexible manufacturing options

    • Long ambient shelf life



    • Adaption of Polyimide resin to function in UD tape format

    • Refinement of intermediate powder slurry formulation for the manufacture of tapes

    • Optimisation of tape manufacturing process

    • Optimisation of tape laying / part curing processes



For further information and interest in the project, please contact

Boyd Cushing – Business Development UK & Ireland

Mobile +44 7900 282207


Consortium partners