Press release: Nexam enters into an agreement regarding a new high-temp polyimide resin for aerospace applications


Nexam Chemical enters into a cooperation agreement with a US-based company for the development of a new high-temperature polyimide resin for composites to aero-space.

Nexam entered into a cooperation agreement on 2013-11-12 with a US-based high-tech resin manufacturing company. The purpose of the cooperation is to develop and market a new high-temperature polyimide RTM-resin, for composites to aerospace, containing Nexam’s NEXIMID 100 (PEPA) and NEXIMID 400 (EBPA) crosslinkers. The new resin is intended for use in composites directed towards the most demanding applications in aerospace.

“Entering into this cooperation agreement is a natural step for us to take after years of working together. It will strengthen the possibilities for Nexam to launch its NEXIMID crosslinkers into a market segment that is the home-turf for our partner”, says Per Palmqvist Morin, CEO of Nexam.

Polyimide resins are used in the most durable and high-performance compo-sites available today. The overall global market demand for polyimide resins is approximately 60,000 tons annually and growing. There are many application areas for polyimide based composites, e.g. aerospace, electronics (both consumer and industrial).

With Nexam’s products for crosslinking polyimides, one can improve the processability of the polyimide, as well as improving e.g. heat-resistance properties.

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