Nexam Chemical Holding AB (publ). Interim Financial Statements for Quarter 1, January–March 2014


The Quarter at a Glance


    BASF and Nexam entered into a two-year exclusive agreement for the commercialisation of crosslinkable nylon 66.
    Nexam entered into a three-year exclusive supply agreement with Armacell concerning PET foam. Nexam products were delivered to Armacell during the quarter.
    Tests in regular production on the premises of the customer with respect to a special nylon for use in applications such as mobile phones and tablets have been conducted, and the customer remains interested.
    Extensive discussions on cooperation agreement and forms of cooperation for commercialising crosslinkable polyolefins with one of Nexam’s partners from the PO-CROSS Project are ongoing.
    Nexam has hired an agent in Europe to sell Nexam products to converters for purposes such as upgrading of recycled PET and polyethylene.
    Heightened interest in and increased demand for Nexam’s technology among both foreign and domestic companies with respect to materials such as PET, polyamide and polycarbonate.
    Nexam’s cooperation with three select contract manufacturers is proceeding with increased intensity. Preparations are being made to produce Nexam’s products on a multi-tonne scale.
    Nexam has initiated chemical tests of several select products to be able to meet regulatory requirements for upcoming commercialisation and upscaling of production.
    Nexam’s patent application for the production of EBPA granted in Europe.
    Nexam’s patent application for the unique molecule MEPA granted in South Africa.
    Nexam’s patent application for the unique molecule MEPA granted in the US.
    The Board of Directors of Nexam has decided to begin preparing the Company to change its listing from NASDAQ OMX Stockholm First North to NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Small Cap.
    Nexam Chemical Holding AB (publ) completed a directed new issue of 3,000,000 new shares in mid-March, which brought in SEK 67.5 million for the Company before issuing costs. The proceeds of the new share issue are planned to be used to finance and enable a continuing high rate of expansion and development of the Company, its markets and its products.

Financial & legal:

    Net sales for the period totalled SEK 120 thousand (SEK 203 thousand). Profit/loss before tax for the period came in at SEK –7,631 thousand (SEK -6,487 thousand).
    The total assets were at the end of the period SEK 112,572 thousand (SEK 70,286 thousand), with cash and cash equivalents accounting for SEK 91,866 thousand (SEK 56,038 thousand).
    The cash flow for the period was SEK 59,358 thousand (SEK 48,822 thousand), which was driven by the new share issues both last year and this year. Cash flow from operating activities for the quarter was SEK -5,044 thousand (SEK –4,505 thousand), which is an improvement over the normal figure of around SEK –7.5 million per quarter. This is attributable to a temporary fluctuation in working capital.

Significant events after the end of the period

    Project commenced with major European special nylon manufacturer.
    Two confidentiality agreements entered into and projects jointly started with an elastomer manufacturer and a major European defence industry supplier.
    The HICTAC Clean Sky Project has progressed positively. Another potential customer (in addition to Rolls Royce) is expressing great interest in testing the material. New results indicate that several new application areas will be opened up.
    The next generation modified injection-moulding tool has been developed and curing tests with it are underway.
    Sale of NEXIMID 200 (EPA) to a new Japanese customer that has commenced commercialisation of materials for the electronics industry.
    Samples of mDOB product have been delivered to several potential customers in Europe and also in China for testing and qualification.

Lund, 14 May 2014Board of Directors

These financial statements have not been audited by the Company’s auditor. Note: This report has been translated from Swedish.The Swedish text shall govern for all purposes and prevail in case of any discrepancy with the English version. Read the PDF for the complete report.

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