Nexam’s patent application relating to the company’s crosslinking technology in polycarbonates approved in Europe


Nexam has received a notice of allowance from European Patent Office (EPO) stating that it intends to grant Nexam’s European patent application the company’s crosslinking technology in polycarbonates.

“The granted patent gives us future protection for Nexam’s technology and products in polycarbonates and in a number of polymer alloys where polycarbonates are included. We are talking about a very large plastic market, although we are not currently actively working in any customer projects. This patent is part of our patent strategy to secure the protection in as large a number of plastics as possible. In the future, we intend to initiate a number of customer projects in the area or alternatively license it out”, says Per Palmqvist Morin, CEO.

Polycarbonates are one of the most common engineering plastics, with an annual output of about 4 million tonnes. There are many usage areas for polycarbonates. Applications areas include e.g. components for a variety of consumer products (such as home appliances, sports and leisure goods and consumer electronics), building & construction, transportation, automotive and electrical industries.

With Nexam’s technology to crosslink polycarbonates processability of plastics can improve, while properties such as heat and chemical resistance increases. This means that after modification with Nexam’s products, polycarbonates can be used to replace metals and more expensive plastics in a variety of products and components.

Nexam currently has 28 patent applications within 10 patent families.

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