Press release: Nexam Chemical´s patent application relating to the production process of EBPA is to be approved in the US.


Nexam Chemical has received a notice of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) stating that it intends to grant Nexam Chemical´s US patent application relating to production of the crosslinker EBPA.

EBPA, which Nexam Chemical sells under the name of NEXIMID 400® (EBPA), is a crosslinker and chain extender that has been known for several years and that can be used in high temperature applications. Despite the promising properties, EBPA has not yet achieved a widespread use. This is partly due to that a suitable production process so far has not been available and that the price thereby has been too high.

Nexam Chemical has developed a completely new process to produce EBPA on larger scale, with higher purity and at a commercially acceptable price. This has been done as part of Nexam Chemical’s ambition to become a recognized world leader in the field of property modification of plastic and polymeric materials through heat-activated crosslinking. EBPA fits well into the product portfolio of crosslinkers Nexam Chemical offers its customers, primarily for high-temperature polyimide materials. The corresponding European patent application has already been granted.

“Our production process allows for industrial production of EBPA at a lower cost, providing the basis for EBPA to be included in more commercial applications in the future,” says Erik Lager, COO.

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