Nexam St. Andrews takes in external manufacturing order


Nexam St. Andrews has undertaken an initial external manufacturing order, equivalent to just over SEK 900 000, for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates for a global company.

The products to be produced are substances for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. The order value is equivalent to just over SEK 900 000 and deliveries are scheduled to take place in the coming months. Production will take place in parallel with other activities, and will not affect Nexam’s production of crosslinkers. The intention is that this first order will be followed by further volumes.

“The production unit in Scotland shall primarily be used for scaling-up or producing special grades of Nexam’s unique crosslinkers. In order to utilize existing production capacity and further develop our knowledge about organic synthesis, we will offer contract manufacturing services to a limited number of external partners. We believe that the order we now have accepted, may be the starting point for a long term relationship that benefits both Nexam as well as our external partner”, says Richard Tooby, Managing Director of Nexam St. Andrews.

Nexam St. Andrews Ltd is Nexam’s pilot and scale-up plant, specialized in production of small-medium sized amounts of specialty chemicals, and is owned to 100 % by Nexam Chemical AB. Nexam St. Andrews currently has 5 permanent employees and 4 project employees.

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