Press release: Nexam’s patent application regarding MEPA approved in Europe.


Nexam has received a notice of allowance from the European Patent Office (EPO) stating that it intends to grant Nexam’s European patent application for MEPA, which is a unique and for Nexam very important product for crosslinking a large number of thermoplastics.  

MEPA is a completely new and unique molecule that improves nylons, polyesters and other polymers. Nexam developed MEPA with the aim of getting a crosslinker specifically suitable for engineering plastics with melting points in the range between 200 and 270 degrees, which comprises the majority. Global production of plastics where MEPA can be used comprises more than 3 million tons / year (corresponding to total sales of more than USD 12 billion).

The uses for these engineering plastics are many. E.g. nylons are used in a variety of applications, such as components for the transportation, automotive, electrical and electronics industry. Based on Nexam’s technology for crosslinking thermoplastics properties such as service life, heat resistance, mechanical strength and chemical resistance are improved significantly. In addition it also increases the possibility of replacing metals, and more expensive plastics, with plastics modified by Nexam’s crosslinkers.

The granting of this patent will further strengthen Nexam’s protection of the crosslinking technology developed by the company.

Currently Nexam’s technology to crosslink nylons in general, and specifically with MEPA, is being evaluated by more than ten potential customers (e.g. BASF). These have their sights set on for example the automotive, electrical and electronics industry. Several are world leaders in their respective fields.

“This is a very important patent for Nexam as MEPA and other Nexam products based on MEPA have such a wide range of applications and address the majority of the world’s engineering plastics. Thanks to MEPA’s curing profile it is easier to use Nexam’s technology for crosslinking, which enables increased usage and sales of Nexam’s products. The patent gives Nexam a 20-year protection against competitors.”, says Per Palmqvist Morin, CEO.

Nexam currently has 5 approved patents, as well as 39 patent applications within 11 patent families.

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Note: This press release has been translated from Swedish. The Swedish text shall govern for all purposes and prevail in case of any discrepancy with the English version.

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