IRPC and Nexam Chemical have entered a Cooperation frame agreement


IRPC and Nexam have decided to strengthen their relationship in the area of modified polyolefins, such as PE and PP, using Nexam crosslinking technology. The agreement formalizes the frames for the extended cooperation between the two companies, both regarding the development of products and commercialization of these.

IRPC is a polymer and polyolefin producer based in Thailand, and has been a participant in the PO-CROSS Eurostars project.

Polyolefins, such as PE and PP, is an important market for Nexam, as it holds a range of opportunities. For more information please see Nexam Q3 2013 report.

“We are very satisfied that IRPC and Nexam have decided to strengthen their relationship. It enhances and builds upon what we learnt during the Eurostars project. Through this cooperation we have a better possibility to develop and commercialize products to the polyolefins market”, says Daniel Röme, Director of Business Development & Innovation at Nexam Chemical.

“We see a range of applications where Nexam’s crosslinking technolgy and products can yield critical improvements to polyolefins that are demanded in the market place. Through this cooperation we expect our positions in the market place to strengthen and be expanded”, says Roman Strauss, R&D Expert at IRPC.

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