Nexam Chemical appoints Tomas Eriksson as Production Manager


Nexam Chemical has recruited Tomas Eriksson as Production Manager for Nexam Chemical. He replaces Susanne Thygesson at that position, who has resigned from Nexam Chemical. Tomas will formally start his service on July 1, but has already begun to familiarize himself with the tasks. Tomas Eriksson will ultimately be responsible for all production at Nexam Chemical. This includes Nexam Chemical’s plants in Sweden, Scotland, Poland and Hungary.

Tomas Eriksson comes most recently from the Finnish company Nordkalk Oy AB.

“It is extremely positive to announce that we have been able to link Tomas Eriksson to Nexam Chemical. Tomas is a fantastic project manager with broad expertise in both R&D and sales and production. This is something that is of great value to us in this expansive phase. For Nexam chemical, it’s not just about capacity maximization. Capability is also very important to us. Tomas background makes him very suitable to take on this assignment, ”says Johan Arvidsson CEO of Nexam Chemical.

“Getting the opportunity to get into a well-functioning organization with a strong drive and entrepreneurial spirit is very exciting. The journey ahead is as interesting as the history with a clear expectation of growth. I hope to be able to continue to ensure a flexible and cost-effective production in order to take advantage of future opportunities, ”says Tomas Eriksson.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Arvidsson, CEO, +46-708 97 44 39,

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