Press release: Nexam ChemicalĀ“s patent application relating to catalysis of crosslinking is to be allowed in Europe.


Nexam Chemical has received a notice of allowance from the European patent office (EPO) stating that they intend to grant Nexam ChemicalĀ“s European patent application relating to catalysis of crosslinking.

Nexam Chemical´s crosslinking technology, which includes a number of unique crosslinking systems, results in improved processability of plastics at the same time as properties such as heat and chemical resistance is improved. The catalysis technology was developed to allow for Nexam Chemical´s crosslinkers to be used in a wider temperature range and for adjusting the curing speed and temperature to specific applications. As previously announced the corresponding application has already been granted in the US.

“In practice this means that Nexam Chemical´s crosslinking technology can be used in an even wider range of plastics and in an increased number of processes, which today has restrictions in e.g. getting to the right activation temperature. In short the catalysis technology enables an increased market potential and improved competitiveness for our crosslinking technology”, says Anders Spetz, CEO.

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