Press release: Nexam Chemical receives a high-temp resin order


Nexam Chemical has received an order for a high-temperature resin from the Clean Sky project consortium, where Rolls Royce Jet Engines and Swerea SiComp are customers.

The resin to be manufactured is a polyimide resin containing Nexam’s NEXIMID 100 (PEPA) and NEXIMID 400 (EBPA) cross-linkers and is intended for use in composites aimed at the most demanding applications in the aerospace industry. The order value is approximately SEK 900 000 and delivery is scheduled for the coming months.

“It is a breakthrough to offer this kind of high-temp resin to the European market. Thanks to Rolls Royce’s participation, the resin has the potential to become a standard material, suitable for large production campaigns. Patent protection has been applied for regarding the resin”, says Per Palmqvist Morin, CEO of Nexam.

The ordered polyimide resin is intended for use in composite applications in jet engines and the purpose of the current project is to both confirm the material’s performance as well as to identify all material and design data. What is unique is that the resin is designed for “mass production” of high temperature resistant parts and that this type of material is now being made available for the civil aerospace market. The total global market for polyimides is currently around 60 000 tonnes / year and growing by about 5-10% per annum. There are many application areas for polyimide based composites, in addition to aero applications the material can also be used in space and electronics applications (both consumer and industrial applications).

With Nexam’s products for crosslinking polyimides, one can improve the processability of the polyimide, as well as improving the overall property profile.

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