News: Nexam Chemicals C-PET 3 project is ranked number 36 out of 510 applications in 2013 to EUREKA / Eurostars Brussels


Nexam Chemical has received notice from EUREKA / Eurostars* that the project application regarding process and performance improvements for thermoplastic polyester of the type PET** has been ranked number 36 out of 510 projects in 2013. 

The C-PET 3 project application has been ranked above the quality threshold, and is eligible for grant support. Being located above the quality threshold is essential (but no guarantee) for grant support. The next step in the process is that VINNOVA and the national organizations of our project partners control the availability of grants in each country.

Behind the project is, in addition to Nexam Chemical (which is the main applicant and project manager), also the leading institute Fraunhofer ICT based in Germany and a world-leading customer based in Europe.

The project is based on Nexam Chemical’s technology for modification and crosslinking of PET (a technology which Nexam has sent in patent applications for). The main purpose of the project is to improve PET plastic foam cores for composite parts (for use in e.g. body parts in cars, the blades in wind turbines) and extruded products (high-end packaging in for example food applications). 

*Eurostars is a joint EU initiative between EUREKA and the EU Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7). The purpose is to provide funding for applied research and development with a focus on commercialization for small- and medium-sized businesses.

**PET (poly (ethylene terephthalate)) is a plastic that is most known for its use in bottles and advanced packaging (food and pharmaceutical packaging). PET is also used in construction details in domestic appliances and electrical parts, components in the electricity sector and automotive industry, as well as in foam cores in e.g. blades for wind turbines.

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