Milestone order for PET recycling saves 1250 tons of CO2


An innovative recycler in Spain has identified a way of applying Nexam’s unique Reactive Recycling technology to enable closed loop recycling of food trays into new food trays, preventing incineration or land fill.

The collaboration was initiated earlier this year and has passed rapidly through commercial discussions and initial trials. This first full scale production run will convert 750 tons of PET into new upgraded raw material for new food tray production. These containers would otherwise have been incinerated or in some other way removed from the recycling loop, thereby saving approximately 1250 tons of CO2e. Traditionally, mostly bottles made from PET are recycled, whereas the trays are currently not recycled to the same extent.

“This is a new exciting application area, where we see a large potential with more and more companies venturing into recycling of other sources of PET rather than just bottles.”  says Ronnie Törnqvist, CEO of Nexam Chemical.

“This is the first order to a PET recycling company, a player further upstream in the rPET value chain than our current customer base. Despite the relatively small size of the order of 0.5 MSEK, the environmental impact and the future business potential are substantial” says Henrik Bernquist, Business Manager Recycling.

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Ronnie Törnqvist, VD, +46-706 25 41 85, 

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