Nexam at Compound World Expo and Plastic Recycling World Expo


Between the 29th – 30th of September, Compound World Expo and Plastic Recycling World Expo were arranged in Messe Essen, Germany. On site was Nexam, together with over 200 exhibitors.

“It is a highly relevant place for us to be, where a lot of our current and potential customers attended, together with our collaborators”, Henrik Bernquist, Business Development Manager at Nexam, explains.

The fairs were arranged for the second time by Applied Market Information (AMI), and were combined with two other exhibitions: Plastic Extrusion World Expo and Polymer Testing World Expo. All sorts of actors from the plastic industry were among the attendants, such as recyclers, machine manufacturers, compounders, and converters.

Alongside the exhibitions, seminars and panel discussions were held. Much of the focus was on plastic recycling and the recycled material. Henrik explains that the interest in recycling is partly driven by European laws.

“According to the new framework, all bottles inside the EU must contain 25 percent of recycled plastic till 2025. In turn, this puts pressure on bottle grade rPet, and some argue it will be a scarce commodity if no other alternative is introduced to the market. We could be a part of the solution with our products in Reactive Recycling”, says Henrik.

The reasons behind Nexams participation were to gain new insights in both customers and markets, as well as finding new contacts and working to increase the knowledge of the brand.

“Issues closely related to our platforms were discussed at the fair. We met with several companies who were interested in our products, which has resulted in numerous exciting follow-up meetings being booked for the upcoming weeks”, says Henrik.

At the next exhibition – which is scheduled to the summer of 2023 – Henrik thinks it’s plausible that Nexam attends again.