Meet Jörgen Heby: New Chief Production Officer at Nexam


As of October 2021, Jörgen Heby is the new Chief Production Officer at Nexam Chemical. Jörgen comes most recently from the large Finnish company Kemira Kemi. He now looks forward to becoming a key player at Nexam who will ensure the company’s continued expansion.

“I look forward to being part of a growth company and to work in an innovative and flexible environment where I can influence the strategic decisions to build the business for the long term,” says Jörgen Heby.

Could you provide a brief background of your career before joining Nexam?

“After three years at a research lab, I joined Kemira in Helsingborg. I worked at Kemira for 14 years, first in various engineering positions, then as Plant Manager and Product Manager. My last position at the company was Site Service Manager. This involved responsibility for all production functions, including IT, maintenance, energy matters and logistics.”

Why did you decide to join us at Nexam? 

“After working as a Site Service Manager for a few years, I felt like I had achieved all I could at Kemira. I was ready for new challenges and felt like I had outgrown my role in Helsingborg. I decided to accept the offer of becoming Nexam’s new Chief Production Officer because of the felixibility, as well as the possibility to influence the direction of the company. I am really looking forward to working in an innovative environment and to be able to influence the strategic development of the company.”

What does your role as Chief Production Officer entail?

“The role as Chief Production Officer involves responsibility for all production in the company, in Sweden as well as in Scotland, Hungary and Poland. This means that I will ensure an operational structure that will benefit Nexam’s continued growth and provide an optimal production solution for the business.”

What do you think you can bring to the company? 

“I think I can contribute in many ways. With my experience from Kemira, I can contribute with competence regarding production and personnel management, but also with stability and structure in production. Most importantly, I can help the company on a strategic level to ensure that we have everything in place to scale up production as we grow.”

What are you looking forward to the most?

“What excites me the most is being part of the company’s growth journey. I’m looking forward to being involved in the development of a dynamic company in the growth market. I see big potential in the company. Nexam is growing towards becoming a major player in the international market; a well-known Swedish chemical group with a global presence. We have come a long way and my work, together with the team, is an important key to climb to the top. That’s why it’s so exciting to be a part of Nexam!”