Hi Mats Persson – Chairman of the Board, Nexam Chemical!


Mats Persson is a civil engineer in chemical engineering and with a long-time experience in the chemical industry. He has held senior positions within the chemical group Perstorp, as well as Diab. Since November 12, 2019, Mats is the new Chairman of the Board of Nexam Chemical.

Nexam Chemical’s new chairman, Mats Persson, is 57 years old. He grew up in Halmstad and holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Lund University, from which he also has an Executive MBA. He is married to Ann-Katrin, with whom he has three children.

Mat’s career has been marked by international assignments in the chemical field. In the late 80s, he started his first position where focus was to build chemical plants around the world, including China. He joined the Perstorp Group in 1992, where he was employed for 21 years.

– I had the privilege of receiving positions in several different functions and regions at different levels in a global company. For a time, I lived in the US to create Pergo’s North American operations, with a special emphasis on the supply chain, Mats says.

After four years abroad, he moved back to Sweden to develop the Perstorp Group’s organization for the global supply chain. Mats became a member of the management team in 2004 and finally, the deputy CEO in 2009.

– I have always enjoyed working in a global environment. It does not necessarily mean that the company is large, but that they have an international focus. Getting global organizations to work in a common direction is something that I think is exciting, and that places great demands on leadership, Mats says. He most recently comes from Diab and the role as COO with responsibility for areas such as manufacturing and logistic.

What does the assignment as chairman of the board mean for you?

– To challenge and guide the leading organization to work towards common goals. It is both my own, and the board’s mission, to ensure a steady course based on the owners’ visions and directives. There should also be a common agreement and participation throughout the company, Mats says and points out that the company must also create long-term value for its shareholders.

He mentions the rights issue during this spring, and the outcome.

– It has been a turbulent time because of the pandemic and many companies have suddenly got worsen conditions. But Nexam Chemical have been strong, so far. Despite the circumstances, we managed to get a 74 percent coverage during the rights issue. This confirms that we have good support from the existing ownership structure, Mats says.

How do you look at the journey that Nexam Chemical have made so far?

– I was involved from the beginning, when Nexam Chemical was separated from Perstorp. My feeling back then was that this company does advanced chemistry in niche applications. I have always had an understanding that it takes time to develop this type of business. It has been exciting to see the company’s development, especially in recent years, Mats says.

He believes that an important milestone was to create clear structures for Nexam Chemical’s business areas and to communicate these in a transparent way.

– The most important task in the past year has been to create an understanding of Nexam Chemical’s overall offer. There are still things left to do when it comes to communicating this to the market. The steps we have taken are good, now we will simplify and clarify the messages further, Mats says.

What is most important for Nexam Chemical to work with ahead?

– Above all, it will be crucial that we take advantage of the existing growth potential. We will capitalize on the progress made and grow further. When it comes to our segments, we must continue to develop them and defend the positions in each area, Mats says.

He believes that as the business has expanded, the foundation on which it stands has become stronger and opened up for further expansion. When thinking ten years into the future, Mats believes that Nexam Chemical have grown and strengthened its international presence significantly.

– There will always be competitors. The key to Nexam Chemical’s success, both in the short and long term, is that we solve problems and work close to the customer. We are not the largest company and therefore we must compete with our expertise, creativity and ability to solve our customers’ challenges. We can always deliver based on the existing conditions. We will continue to work with talented chemists who develop the right solutions, he concludes.