GOOD for teeth and environment


The demand for Nexam Chemical’s renewable and bio-based masterbatch is constantly increasing. One recent case regards a request from toothbrush producer TePe concerning renewable polyethylene in masterbatch, as TePe wanted a series of new and green dental products to be as sustainable as possible. TePe’s aim for their new dental products is very ambitious and one of TePe’s measures to decrease their carbon footprint.

TePe has worked with social, economic and environmental sustainability for a long time. For instance, TePe has invested in automated production in Sweden and is only using green electricity in production. The latest step in the company’s journey towards increased sustainability is the introduction of bio-based plastic in the products. This will in the long term make them independent of fossil raw material.

Nexam Chemical created the masterbatch needed for Tepe, which we now deliver. The result is TePe’s GOODTM; several brushes and a tongue scraper with 96 % bio-based plastic. Apart from our polyethylene, the products are made from renewable raw materials, sugar cane and castor oil, which means that they resume up to 95% of the carbon dioxide released during their life cycle.