Attracting the workforce of the future


Nexam has employees from all over the world. Researchers and innovators gather in Lomma, Sweden, as well as in St Andrews, Scotland, to contribute to making plastic a material of the future.

“I came to Nexam to help create a better future. That’s what we do. We develop products for the market of the future,” says Rodrigo Gouy.

Many of us want a meaningful job, where we have the opportunity to contribute to the positive development of society. It’s clear that this was the driving force that brought Brazilian Rodrigo Gouy with a PhD in Chemistry, to settle down in Scotland to work for Nexam.

“Nexam is an exciting company where I get to work every day with developing products that influence the market. Our platforms can make a real difference, and that’s what inspires people from all over the world to come here,” says Rodrigo.

Rodrigo Gouy has a  PhD in Organic Synthesis- and Medicinal Chemistry and is a part of Nexam’s research and development team. He spends his days at the production facility in St Andrews, where first class technology is used to develop additives that change the properties of plastics. Purposes range between creating high-tech composites that can withstand extreme stress and heat, to enabling and simplifying the recycling of different types of plastics.

“Plastics are everywhere and are an essential material for human life. Imagine what the healthcare sector would look like if we didn’t use plastics. How would we be able to ensure a secure food supply without it? The key is to ensure that the plastics produced are of high quality, durable, and have the right properties to perform the intended task. The next step is to enable circular flows of material. We are working on both these fronts, which makes my work very varied, but above all, incredibly meaningful,” says Rodrigo.

Rodrigo also believes that there are great benefits to working at an innovative growth company. There is a strong culture of research and innovation that has been with the company from the start, which is evident in the working environment and the approach to product development.

“In order to influence the industry and contribute to positive change, innovations must be commercialized and brought to market. We are constantly working closely with our customers and other stakeholders in the development process, which ensures that our products are relevant to the market from the very start,” explains Rodrigo.

Although Rodrigo is based in Scotland, there are only a handful of colleagues that come from the UK, with others coming from Spain, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Italy, and Korea.

“It’s rewarding to work with colleagues from so many different cultures. It’s also an advantage because our customers and partners are located all over the world,” Rodrigo concludes.