Allotropica – enhancing processability of high performance polymers


Nexam Chemical has partnered with US-based Allotropica Technologies, Inc.; a highly innovative R&D company focusing on developing polymeric materials aimed to function properly under exceptionally high temperatures. The technology developed by Allotropica will be specifically aimed towards industries where the quality and properties of polymers can improve performance drastically, such as the aerospace-, oil and gas- and electronics industry.

Allotropica’s innovation is deeply rooted in NASA’s research where the company’s founders have their background. The polymeric materials – liquid crystal thermosets (LCT), which Allotropica is working with, were developed at NASA by Allotropica co-founder Theo Dingemans. LCT was developed to solve a previously unsolvable problem at NASA; namely, to create a carbon fiber-reinforced fuel tank for the X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle. Attempts had been made with conventional thermoset resins as the composite matrix had failed. Thus, a completely new set of thermosets would have to be developed and LCT was later part of a rigorous testing regime at NASA and has been exposed to thermal changes in space from 150°C to -150°C while maintaining pristine condition.

LCTs benefit from the themomechanical properties of liquid crystal polymers (LCP) without the limitations associated with high melt viscosity of LCP and the poor resin-fiber interfacial strength of LCP composites. The combination of low moisture absorption, low coefficients of thermal expansion, high operating temperature under load, and wide manufacturing compatibility make LCT highly desirable for replacing metals, ceramics, and other polymers. Allotropica identifies automotive, marine, microelectronics, aerospace and oil- and gas as only some of the many industries which would benefit from LCT in their applications.

Nexam Chemical is supplying Allotropica with its high performance NEXIMID. To be a partner to one of the most innovative companies within advanced space chemistry is further proof that Nexam Chemical’s offering within high performance polymers is regarded as top of line. Nexam Chemical is looking forward to the future with Allotropica and to follow the company’s exciting path ahead.