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Nexam Chemical's products are marketed and sold under two trademarks:

NEXIMID® – crosslinkers for polyimides
Nexam Chemical currently markets five different crosslinkers for different curing temperatures:

  • NEXIMID® 100 (PEPA)
  • NEXIMID® 200 (EPA)
  • NEXIMID® 300 (PETA)
  • NEXIMID® 400 (EBPA)
  • NEXIMID® 500 (MEPA)

NEXAMITE® – crosslinkers for other thermoplastics
Nexam Chemical has developed and continues to develop/ refine a series of crosslinkers for heat-activated crosslinking of high-volume products, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, PBT, various nylons (11/12, 6, 66), PEEK etc.

These products are currently being tested in close collaboration with selected key customers. 




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