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Anders Spetz, CEO

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Nomination Committee

At the Annual General Meeting May 16, 2017 it was resolved that Nexam Chemical shall have a Nomination Committee consisting of three members represented by the three largest shareholders at end of June 2017.

The largest shareholders are referred to the shareholders who are registered with Euroclear Sweden AB as of June 30 2017. If a shareholder does not exercise the right to appoint a member, the next largest shareholder is entitled to appoint a member of the Nomination Committee. Chairman of the Nomination Committe shall, unless the members agree otherwise, be the member representing the largest shareholder.

The Nomination Committe´s main responsibility for the AGM 2018 is to present proposals for the chairman of the board and members of the Board of Directors and auditor(s). The Nomination Committee shall also render recommendations for renunerations to such individuals. 

The Nomination Committee shall prepare the below proposals to be submitted to the AGM for decision: 

  • propose the Chairman of the AGM,
  • propose the number of Board members and, where applicable, the number of Auditors,
  • propose remuneration to non-employed Board members and renumeration to non-employed members of committees,
  • propose renumeration to the Auditors,
  • propose the Chairman of the Board and other Board members and, where applicable, Auditors,
  • propose guidelines for appointing new members of the Nomination Committee and the instructions for the Nomination Committee,
  • propose renumeration to the members of the Nomination Committee.




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