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Nexam Chemical plans to create value for the Company's various stakeholders by continually refining and perfecting this unique technology and the products developed in relation to heat-activated crosslinkers for plastics and polymer materials.

The Company addresses a global market. The Company focuses on active cooperation and sales of the Company's products primarily to leading plastics manufacturers and secondarily to select converters. In the long-term, it is also conceivable that Nexam Chemical will choose to sell licenses for clearly defined areas of technology.

Nexam Chemical will primarily market its products with its own resources, however, it may be better for the time being to work with local representatives for markets with special conditions. Japan, Korea and China are examples of markets with such conditions.

The Company's development of technologies, products and processes, will be protected by a proactive IPR strategy based on actively submitting patent applications for new developments. The Company's dialogue with the market will be characterised by technology-oriented communication and cooperation with the Company's customers and suppliers. To succeed, Nexam Chemical needs to continually develop its knowledge and build the best resources in the world not just in relation to crosslinking chemistry, but also application technology. These skills will be built within the Company and not outsourced to external providers.

In order to further boost its competitiveness, Nexam Chemical will ensure that strategic purchases of raw materials are established as a core skill. Skills will likewise be secured with regard to upscaling and large-scale production of crosslinkers. However, Nexam Chemical will not seek to produce large-scale volumes itself. Instead, it will work actively with established and well reputed contract manufacturers, whereby the Company can scale up without tying up a large amount of capital in factories and production facilities.



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