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Nexam Chemical AB was founded in 2009 via a management buy-out from the Perstorp Group, and develops, manufactures and sells an entirely new type of heat-activated crosslinkers for the broader plastics market.

Since Nexam Chemical's technology was introduced in 2009, a number of development projects and partnerships have been entered into with a range of leading parties, of which several are world leaders in their respective niches, such as BASF, Repsol, IRPC, Sumitomo, ABB, NASA and Rolls-Royce.

The goal is to further develop on our customer relationships in 2015 and thus take the step from testing and verification to bulk deliveries and regular sales.

Key technological and commercial milestones:


  • Nexam Chemical's Board of Directors has decided to postpone the change of trading venue for the company share
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application relating to catalysis of crosslinking is allowed in Europe
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application relating to the production process of EBPA is approved in the USA
  • Transfer of warrants in Nexam Chemical's incentive program has been completed


  • Nexam Chemical and Armacell have jointly agreed to extend the exclusive supply agreement regarding Nexam's products into PET-foam
  • Nexam Chemical and BASF have jointly decided not to extend the exclusivity agreement regarding PA 66 compounds containing Nexam Chemical's crosslinker
  • Nexam Chemical introduces NEXAMITE®
  • Nexam Chemical strengthens the management team for intensified commercialization and appoints Anders Spetz as new CEO
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application regarding PETA is approved in Taiwan
  • Information regarding postponed implementation of incentive program 2014/ 2017
  • Japanese customer has started the commercialization of a material for film production based on Nexam Chemical's crosslinkers
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application regarding nylon resins containing MEPA approved in Japan
  • Positive response from Eurostars regarding Nexam Chemical's rPET project – just over SEK 3.4 million in funding grants to Nexam Chemical
  • IRPC and Nexam Chemical have entered a Cooperation Frame Agreement
  • Nexam Chemical introduces a new product: NEXIMID® MHT-R
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application regarding PETA is approved in USA
  • Nexam Chemical announces placement of new shares through a new share issue
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application regarding MEPA approved in USA
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application regarding its crosslinking technology for aromatic polyetherketones is approved in Europe
  • Nexam Chemical enters into a three year exclusive Supply Agreement with Armacell
  • Nexam Chemical begins the process of listing on NASDAQ OMX Small Cap
  • BASF and Nexam Chemical enters commercialization phase
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application regarding production of EBPA approved in Europe


  • The first commercial application in electronics has been confirmed by the Japanese company Sumitomo
  • The Clean Sky project, which aims to develop new high-temperature composites for aircraft engines, has resulted in a new high-temperature material based on Rolls-Royce's specification
  • Further positive test results have been obtained from a large potential customer in the field of modification of PET foam
  • Nexam Chemical's production unit Nexam St Andres was awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification during the quarter
  • Nexam Chemical's patent relating to crosslinked nylon was granted in the US during the third quarter
  • A leading US-based materials supplier for the aerospace industry informs Nexam Chemical that they are going to qualify Nexam Chemical's PEPA for an aircraft project lasting serveral years
  • Nexam Chemical has intensified its collaboration with some major selected contract manufacturers in Europe in preparation for expected future production of multi-tonne volumes of Nexam Chemical's products
  • Nexam Chemical Holding AB's shares were admitted to trading on Nasdaq Stockholm First North on 23 April
  • The European Patent Office (EPO) announced that Nexam Chemical's patent application concerning its PETA crosslinker will be granted in Europe
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application regarding MEPA approved in Europe
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application relating to catalysis of crosslinking approved in the USA
  • Nexam Chemical's patent application relating to the company's crosslinking technology in polycarbonates approved in Europe
  • Upscaling of volumes begins at customers
  • The plastic processing laboratory is brought into operation, which is going to further accelerate development work


  • Extended tests of the NEXIMID product family at existing and new players within the polymide industry
  • Pre-launch of the NEXAMITE product family in close collaboration with a few selected partners.
  • Positive results in different nylon types, PET and polyethylene


  • NEXIMID family with a total of five products launched for polymide market
  • Several customer partnerships are entered into/ intensified, for example, with players in the polymide industry that are beginning tests with Nexam Chemical's products and with the PO-CROSS 2 consortium concerning crosslinkable polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Nexam Chemical acquires production facility/ operations in Scotland (for upscaling and small volumes)


  • First proof of concept on crosslinkable nylon and polyethylene
  • Several customer partnerships are entered into, e.g. with BASF
  • Pre-launch of NEXIMID product family

July 2009

  • Management buy-out from Perstorp and founding of Nexam Chemical
  • Commencement of build-up of plastic processing laboratory and development activities (both in terms of equipment and employees)




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